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Janet il 1 Mar 2012
I have generated a random data...I want to convert it to polar form
Pls help me to write codes using for and If

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UJJWAL il 1 Mar 2012
I thought it can be done without using a loop. Maybe I could not understand your question properly because you did not elaborate it well enough.
Here is a code explaining what I did
x = random('gaussian',0,1,[1,50]); %Generating one set of random numbers
y = random('gaussian',0,1,[1,50]); % Generating other set of random numbers
[t,r] = cart2pol(x,y); % Convert from cartesian to polar form
% t will contain the theta part , and r will contain the rho part
If you dont think it is what you want to do , then reply back with a clearer version of the problem
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Jan il 1 Mar 2012
What exactly is the "polar form" in your case? Could you give a short example?
Janet il 1 Mar 2012
If i have a data 0,then in polar form,it must be converted to -1...
similarly,if it is 1,should be changed to 1

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