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Why is tag name of button group and radiobuttons not changing(created through guide)?

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I have created a button group with two radiobuttons in it. When I assign a tag name in guide, it shows it correctly in the guide figure. But, when I run the code for the gui it shows the handles by the default names only. Also it shows a anonymous tag such as 'Output'. Example below:
handles =
figure1: 362.0042
uipanel1: 363.0040
radiobutton2: 366.0040
radiobutton1: 364.0040
output: 362.0042
The tag 'Output' was created by me in my previous gui. But it is showing in new gui also, that too without any object. I have tried changing tag name again and again but is set to its default tag name only. What should I do to solve the problems?
Thanks in advance.


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 1 Nov 2016
Please attach your .m and your .fig for us to test.
Also what tag names are you trying to change to ?
Thanigaivel Raja T
Thanigaivel Raja T on 1 Nov 2016
Please find attached the .m file, .fig file.
I wish to change
uipanel1 ----> fan type
radiobutton2 ----> axial fan
radiobutton1 ----> centrifugal fan
I also have doubt whether the malfunction has something to do with my computer/MATLAB application(R 2013a) I'm working.

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 1 Nov 2016
You cannot use spaces in tag names. If you use underscore instead then changing the name works. (Remember to Save the result.)

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