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How to perform symmetric matching with matchFeatures?

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As noticed by some users of the CVS Toolbox, matchFeatures by default does not perform symmetric matching. (see for example Why matchFeatures gives two different answers?).
It is clear why this would be the default behavior, but can the function be used to perform symmetric matching? In the answer to the above question from 2013, it's suggested to use the 'NearestNeighborSymmetric' method. Unfortunately the current version of matchFeatures does not support an argument 'Method'.
Can the function still be used to perform symmetric matching between 2 features vectors and if so how?

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Swarooph il 10 Nov 2016
This is explained in the release notes here. To match the behavior that was achieved using NearestNeighborSymmetric, set the Method property to Exhaustive, the Unique property to true, and the MaxRatio to 1.
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Elena Ranguelova
Elena Ranguelova il 11 Nov 2016
Modificato: Elena Ranguelova il 11 Nov 2016
Thank you for pointing me to the proper version release notes! Method is by default Exhaustive and I have used Unique = true before, so the key was MaxRatio = 1 ;-).

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