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How to use the Marcum-Q function as a symbolic function for vpaintegral.

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When I use the following code syms x vpaintegral(marcumq(1,x),1,10); I am getting the error: Input arguments must be 'double'.
Whereas the code syms x vpaintegral(besseli(1,x),1,10); is working fine.

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Karan Gill
Karan Gill il 17 Nov 2016
Modificato: Karan Gill il 17 Ott 2017
Why do you need a variable-precision integration of this function starting frome "x"?
The error is because the marcumq function is a function from Signal Processing Toolbox that does not accept symbolic inputs. Instead, use the definition from the marcumq page ( ) to construct the function yourself using the symbolic exponential and bessel functions.
As you pointed out, "besseli" is available as a symbolic function and thus accepts the symbolic input "x".
Best, Karan (Symbolic documentation)

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