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Unable to access Polyspace Metrics http address

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Hi I have Polyspace Metrics running on a network server and am trying to connect on a client node. It can find the address when I enter in the IP and port to the Server Settings in Bug Finder, but when I try to access the server at http://IPADDR:8080/ I get 'This page can't be displayed.'
I see in the documentation something about changing a variable in a tomcat folder in the Metrics Server's %APPDATA% folder, but there is no tomcat folder, just a locks folder and a log file.

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Alexandre De Barros
Alexandre De Barros il 22 Nov 2016
Hello Dylan,
For the tomcat folder, I guess that you are referring to this page:
Did you see any error message when you clicked the Start Daemon button, as described here? :
Please note that you can see the Metrics log (for potential errors) by launching the 'Metrics and Remote Server Settings' interface and by clicking the button 'View Log'.
Moreover, are you able to access the Metrics webpage by the address http://IPADDR:8080/ on the Metrics server itself?
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Dylan Erickson
Dylan Erickson il 22 Nov 2016
I don't see any references to error messages in that link you gave.
No I am not able to access the Metrics webpage on the server itself or on any network connected machine to that Metrics server.
Darshan Gade
Darshan Gade il 5 Mar 2021
Hey Dylan, were you able to solve this issue?

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