Specify one dimension as variable size in Matlab Coder

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I wish to graphically (in the matlab coder window) specify one dimension of an input as variable size and one dimension as fixed size. How do I achieve this?

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Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer on 6 Mar 2012
I guess you mean the MATLAB Coder project settings? When you specify the input variable, use a ":" to specify a variable dimension, e.g.,
:10 x 1
makes the number of rows variable (between 1,...,10) and the number of columns fixed. Use
:inf x 1
if you don't want to have an upper limit. Depending on the code you will need to use "dynamic memory" (on the memory tab) ...

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UJJWAL on 6 Mar 2012
Although i did not understand your question very well but this is i think is your question :-
If you want to create a variable 'a' of dimension x by 23 and you want x to be given by a user , then you can do that by coding very easily, Just input x , and create a as follows for example -
a = zeros(x,23);
As far as doing it graphically is concerned, which i think is ur question, then well design a GUI and from there take the input x. After that you can write the corresponding code as the same.
Hope it helps


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