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Help in building content based image retrieval system

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amal fahad
amal fahad il 29 Nov 2016
Risposto: Anand il 30 Nov 2016
hi I want to build MATLAB project for content based image retrieval, I read many research papers.. now Im not sure which approach to use.. there are too many and Im too pushed for time.. I want to finish the project in 3 weeks or less. I read the documentation regarding CBIR here, I think of applying bag of visual words.. but the professor dont want me to use built in functions.. so is it possible for me to apply that approach from the scratch? or will it take too long time? Im novice in MATLAB but Im ready to give it all what I have and learn.. but at the same time Im afraid that the project will be too difficult to implement! My problem is time not that I dont want to learn.. so please give me some hints.. which approach should I implement that will be reasonably challenging.. but not too much ofcourse.. from where should I start? I have read many research papers.. but they are all theoretical at the end.. I need practical steps.. I would appreciate your help..

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Anand il 30 Nov 2016
If you have access to the Computer Vision System Toolbox, there is a set of functions that supports CBIR.
You can also look at the documentation for indexImages, retrieveImages and bagOfFeatures functions.

Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 29 Nov 2016
Sorry, but you can't do it. It would be virtually impossible for a novice at MATLAB, or even me, to build a CBIR system from scratch in 3 weeks or less unless it was incredibly simple and limited, like just being able to search images based on mean RGB values or something like that. But there is no way to build something that gives you images like "Show me babies", "show me cars", "show me beaches", "show me stadiums", "Show me cats", etc. in less than 3 weeks.
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amal fahad
amal fahad il 30 Nov 2016
Modificato: amal fahad il 30 Nov 2016
Thanks for the reply.. I dont mean by CBIR something that is really sophisticated.. it is not expected from me to build such a system, I need to build basic CBIR that retrieves images similar to a query image.. What I need to learn to build such CBIR? is there any detailed guide or something.. if I use some basic built in functions.. dont you think I can do part of it? I need some good code to start with.. but dont know from where to start.. is there any guide that explain CBIR practically in great detail? Thanks again..

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