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Converting a text file into strings and integers

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I have .txt input files with a very simple structure, of which I attach an example. I want to convert its content in strings and integers. My code below works, but I was wondering if there is a faster option than "textread", which seems to be the weak point.
[pattern, text, d] = textread('dataset.txt', '%s %s %d');
pattern = cell2mat(pattern(1));
text = cell2mat(text(1));
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Paolo Binetti
Paolo Binetti il 19 Dic 2016
that textread is not recommended, but it does not say why and textscan does not seem to work in the same way. I have actually tried implementing textscan but I did not figure it out. Amazing how much time one can lose with I/O ...

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 19 Dic 2016
Is there only the one set of values for each file? If so then probably a few fscanf() would be faster.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 20 Dic 2016
fid = fopen('dataset.txt');
pattern = fscanf(fid, '%s', 1);
txt = fscanf(fid, '%s', 1);
d = fscanf(fid, '%f', 1);
Paolo Binetti
Paolo Binetti il 21 Dic 2016
Thank you: 5 times faster on my sample, noticeably faster on larger files, no longer the slowest piece of code in my algorithm.

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