How to generate polat plot for 4 variables

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I would like to generate polar scatter plot for 4 variables (aspect, elevation, slope, area), where:
aspect - represent angular axis
elevation - represent radial axis (the distance from the center)
slope - represent the color of plot (grading color)
area - represent the size of dots
After typing the code (attached below) in Matlab R2014b I have the following error: Undefined function 'polarscatter' for input arguments of type 'double'. Does anybody know what can be wrong?
clear; clc; close;
D = [500.0 450.0 600.0 350.0]; % Elevation
S = [5.0 40.0 25.0 15.0]; % Slope
AS = [25.0 225.0 15.0 60.0]; % Aspect
A = [100.0 55.0 70.0 20.0]; % Area

Accepted Answer

José-Luis on 5 Jan 2017
You need R2016b for polarscatter().
José-Luis on 5 Jan 2017
Edited: José-Luis on 5 Jan 2017
You can use scatter(). It should not be that difficult to transform polar coordinates to cartesian coordinates. Matlab even has cart2pol() and pol2cart() to help you.
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