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install command on linux doesn't bring up installer

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When I type in ./install in my Linux shell, it says it's installing and completes in 10 seconds, but doesn't bring up the installation manager.

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Jordan Ross
Jordan Ross il 13 Gen 2017
Hello Brenda,
As I understand, you are trying to install MATLAB in Linux from the command line and are not getting the installation manager to show up. The most likely reason is that you do not have permissions to one or more of the files in the installation folder. Execute the following before trying launch the installer:
sudo chmod -R 777 matlab_R20XXx_glnxa64
sudo ./install
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Jozsef Vasarhelyi
Jozsef Vasarhelyi il 1 Mar 2022
I did the following:
ssh -X root@computer_name
Then the install started!

AKSHAY SUNIL il 9 Apr 2022
You can go to the matlab_R2022a_glnxa64 folder or the newly created matlab folder and right click on the install file select properties and select permissions and change it from "read only" to "read and write" .


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