Why don't function syntax hints show up for some package functions?

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When I type a function name in my working directory, followed by an open paren, I get the expected hint:
When I type a function name that is in a package in my working directory, I still get the expected hint:
However, when I type a function name that is two levels deep in a package, I no longer get the function hint:
Is this a known issue? Is there anything I can do about this?
Edit: to be clear, these are all user-written functions that I am talking about.
Related: there doesn't seem to be any Mathworks documentation about writing function hints for functions with multiple input modes, is that a thing that we can do, or does that only work for internal MATLAB functions?

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Jordan Ross
Jordan Ross il 23 Gen 2017
Hello Hugh,
I work for MathWorks and currently it is expected behavior that the function hints do not show up when you have a function two or more levels deep in a package. I have forwarded this feedback to the appropriate product team so that they can consider this enhancement in a future release of MATLAB.
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Hugh Enxing
Hugh Enxing il 23 Gen 2017
Great, thanks for the reply. I mean, it would be great if function hinting worked N levels deep, but it's good to know that this is expected behavior. I'll keep an eye on the release notes in the future.

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