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can anyone tell me how to create table in matlab?

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please help me to create table using matlab
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Stephen23 il 1 Feb 2017
@Pooja Prajapati: did you try reading the MATLAB documentation? It shows several ways to create tables, and gives lots of examples:

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Iddo Weiner
Iddo Weiner il 1 Feb 2017
Modificato: Steven Lord il 1 Feb 2017
There's great documentation for these kinds of stuff (this is one of the virtues of MATLAB):
[SL: Edited to correct the usage of the name MATLAB not to use the possessive and to fix a typo.]
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Iddo Weiner
Iddo Weiner il 2 Feb 2017
Notice that the syntax is different than in SQL: in your example what you're actually doing is calling your table "T", and telling it take variables called "speakerid" and "name" and store them in the table. You're getting an error becasue you haven't defined these variables.
Here's a simple usage example (although, really, these things are extremely well documented so check out the link I put at the beginning of this answer):
A = [1:3]';
B = {'A';'B';'C'};
my_table = table(A,B)
here's what you get:
my_table =
_ ___
1 'A'
2 'B'
3 'C'
venkat ta
venkat ta il 3 Gen 2019
thanks for the code. How to change the columns and rows colors?

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