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S-Function Block- Create Mask Error

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Sam il 16 Mar 2012
I drag and drop the "S-Function" block in a new Simulink library, and then right click on the block and choose Create Mask.
A Mask Editor windows is displayed, in the Icon Drawing commands, I would like to have two input ports, for example below.
port_label('input', 1, 'Time'); port_label('input', 2, 'Event');
the block shows three question signs, it only allow me to have one port.
I am using MATLAB 2011b.

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind il 16 Mar 2012
Which S-function did you select for the block? There needs to be a C-MEX or MATLAB-file S-function associated with it. That S-function needs to be configured to accept two ports. In C-MEX S-functions, you can use ssSetNumInputPorts in mdlInitializeSizes and in MATLAB S-functions, you can use block.NumInputPorts in the setup function.


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