automatic read the file and stop the reading

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hai , my gui have two button - start and pause. when the button start is press , the gui will automatically read all the file with specific extension (let say off) until i press the pause button.
The challenge is :
(1.) How i infinite loop for reading the file ?
while r < 0
//mycode here
end while .
how can i termiate the loop by using pause button ?
let say press pause button , r become > 0
(2.) when in the while loop , i press the pause button , not any effect on the gui!As i know , the pause button only work when the while loop is stop!This mean i can not press the button until the loop is stop , i can not do two thing in same time (Multithreading in programing)! any solution about this ?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 19 Mar 2012
The solution to #2 is to add a drawnow() statement in your loop. That tells MATLAB that it is okay to process any pending interruptions such as from a button push.
There are numerous ways to communicate the change in r; see for example

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