cmd+0 keyboard shortcut from Live Editor to Command Window

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This shortcut works if I'm in a regular Editor window, but not when I'm in a Live Editor. Also, from the Command Window, shift+cmd+0 takes me back to the Live Editor just fine. I am using R2016b on a fully updated Mac.

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Nagarjuna Manchineni
Nagarjuna Manchineni il 6 Mar 2017
As mentioned in the following documentation link (as of MATLAB R2016b), Live Editor ignores most Editor preferences, including custom keyboard shortcuts and Emacs-style keyboard shortcuts.
However, the development team is aware of this feature request, and they might consider it for a future release of MATLAB.
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Robert Cox
Robert Cox il 24 Mar 2021
@Nagarjuna Manchineni any update on this? Will Live Editor ever support customizing keyboard shortcuts?
FYI the support link in your post is dead now
aoisdjas alsjdlsajd
aoisdjas alsjdlsajd il 20 Lug 2021
The absolute uselessness of the development program... It's 2021... and the live editor still ignores most editor preferences...

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Tyler il 22 Gen 2018
Has this been fixed for Matlab 2017 or planned for any future releases? I consider the UI broken when keyboard shortcuts do not obey user settings.
I use a standard keyboard on my mac and simply want the home and end buttons to work for navigating to beginning and end of line rather than beginning and end of file. This is not only annoying but enough for me to consider not using the Live Editor entirely. There shouldn't be different unsettable keyboard shortcuts for Live Editor!
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Robert Cox
Robert Cox il 24 Mar 2021
Modificato: Robert Cox il 24 Mar 2021
Agreed, this is so frustrating and is still a problem 4+ years later with R2020b. It would be great to have live editor shortcuts customizable like the normal command window and other areas.
Garikoitz Lerma-Usabiaga
Garikoitz Lerma-Usabiaga il 8 Apr 2023
I don't find it it 2023a either, is there any way of customizing keyboard shortcuts in the Live Scripts?

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Raymond Chiu
Raymond Chiu il 9 Mag 2018
@MATLAB staff: wouldn't it be easier for users if there was one command to toggle between the MATLAB Command Window and the live editor? I am not sure why there are two different commands for 'each direction'.

Nicolas Douillet
Nicolas Douillet il 23 Set 2019
Modificato: Nicolas Douillet il 23 Set 2019
Is this shortcut still available on Matlab latest versions ? And what about the ones listed here ? (I am running R2017b, but will soon update to R2019b.
I tried it (Ctrl + 0 under W10 to switch from editor window to command window), but unsucessfully until now.
Help much appreciated, thank you.
Edit : shortcuts in the link must still work I guess since it is supposed to work with R2019b as mentionned. Is there then a place to activate / enable them in Matlab preferences ? -still doesn't work on my 2017b-

Nicolas Douillet
Nicolas Douillet il 3 Ott 2019
Modificato: Nicolas Douillet il 3 Ott 2019
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