How to reshape two cell arrays of strings into a cell array of cell arrays

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Is there a neat way to vectorize the for-loop below?
n_nodes = 2^(20-1);
nodes = cellstr(dec2bin(0:n_nodes-1))';
suffixes = [nodes nodes];
row1 = suffixes(:,1:2:end);
row2 = suffixes(:,2:2:end);
edges = cell(1,n_nodes);
for i = 1:n_nodes
edges(i) = {[row1(i) row2(i)]};

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Star Strider
Star Strider il 4 Mar 2017
I did not time this with respect to your loop, so I don’t know if it’s faster:
edges = mat2cell([row1' row2'], ones(1,size(row1,2)), 2);
This creates a column vector of cells. Transpose it if you want a row vector of cells:
edges = mat2cell([row1' row2'], ones(1,size(row1,2)), 2)';

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John BG
John BG il 4 Mar 2017
Hi Paolo
the following has the same size and type as the result of your for loop
A=reshape({row1{:} row2{:}},2,8);B=A'
'000' '010'
'100' '110'
'000' '010'
'100' '110'
'001' '011'
'101' '111'
'001' '011'
'101' '111'
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes
B 8x2 1888 cell
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thanks in advance
John BG


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