National Instruments mydaq

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Robi on 21 Mar 2012
Does matlab and simulink support National Instruments mydaq (<>) ? Can it be used in real time in simulink in a control system hardware/electronic model?

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Dan Lluch
Dan Lluch on 3 Dec 2012
mydaq is supported from R2012a using the Data Acquisition Toolbox.
For closed loop control and the timing requirements that come with that, generally you would need to use other products - like Real Time Windows Target or xPC Target - and neither of which support mydaq.
If your problem allows for 'soft real time' where deterministic behavior isn't required, you may be able to use the Data Acquisition Toolbox support, and pacing the Simulink models execution. Both Real Time Windows Target, and the Aerospace Blockset have Pace capabilities, and you can find others on MATLAB Central.


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