Taylor-Maccoll equations for axis-symmetric conical flow using the ode45 solver

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I wrote the differential equations a system of equations. I have reproduced the function as follows - function dvrdtheta= TMequation(theta,vr) gamma=1.4; dvrdtheta=zeros(2,1); dvrdtheta(1) = vr(2); dvrdtheta(2) =(((gamma-1)/2)*(1-vr(1).^2-vr(2).^2)*(2*vr(1)+cotd(theta).*vr(2))-vr(1).*vr(2).^2)./(vr(2).^2-((gamma-1)/2)*(1-vr(1).^2-vr(2).^2)); I just don't know where I got this wrong. Please help me fellas!
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Rajan Bhandari
Rajan Bhandari il 4 Mag 2018
I also have been working to solve this equation but I got the problem with integration tolerance. What is your problem actually?

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Rohan Kokate
Rohan Kokate il 18 Dic 2020
Attaching the link to the code which solves the Taylor Maccoll equation numerically. Hope this helps!

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