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Cut out piece of matrix

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yoni verhaegen
yoni verhaegen il 24 Mar 2017
Risposto: Iddo Weiner il 24 Mar 2017
I have two files, DEM1 and DEM2 (see attachment). DEM1 has X,Y,elevation and DEM2 has NR,POINT,X,Y,glacier. I want to use the shape of a glacier (given by 0 = no glacier and 1 = glacier in the last column of DEM2) to cut out a piece of DEM1. Basically, I just want the DEM1 to display the elevation data in the shape of the glacier only, so I need to 'cut out' the shape of the glacier within the DEM. But the coordinates do not seem to match properly...
Can this be solved?

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Iddo Weiner
Iddo Weiner il 24 Mar 2017
T1 = readtable('Dem1.txt');
T2 = readtable('Dem2.txt');
Glacier_yes = find(T2.(5));
T1 = T1(Glacier_yes,:);
now T1 is a table holding data that corresponds only to entries where glacier variable was 1.


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