Saving images in a directory folder

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Jessica on 26 Mar 2012
Edited: Rik on 2 Jun 2021
Dear Sir,
i am making some operations in images and retrieve some target images , these target images i need to save them into a file , how can i do it ?
Thank you in advance

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Thomas on 26 Mar 2012
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Jan on 26 Mar 2012
+1: A complete answer.
Such basic question can be answered by Google also. e.g by using the terms "Matlab save image". Inside Matlab this can help: "docsearch image".

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Rahul punk
Rahul punk on 2 Jun 2021
Edited: Rik on 2 Jun 2021
%read image test.jpg
tt= imshow('C:\Users\admin\Desktop\test.jpg') ;
%save your image other location with any name save desktop or any folder also
saveas(tt,'C:\Users\admin\Desktop\testimagesave.jpg') ;
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Rik on 2 Jun 2021
Same as with your other answer, you forgot to apply formatting to your code.
I also don't see what this adds beyond what the other answer already provides.

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