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How does the DAQ demo adaptor work?

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Ben Suter
Ben Suter on 13 Apr 2017
Commented: Ben Suter on 18 Apr 2017
The DAQ toolbox includes a "demo adaptor". I believe this is a dummy DAQ card implemented in software, or perhaps it uses some actual hardware, but I can't find good documentation on this.
I did some tests and there seems to be a small sinusoidal signal on e.g. MWDev0 ai0, but beyond that I'm not sure what any of the three demo devices (MWDev0, MWDev1, MWDev2) can do, or how they can be used.
Can I route an ao channel from one of these devices to an ai channel, i.e. loopback? This would be helpful for testing my code.
Could someone describe what MWDev0/1/2 are / how they work?
Thank you.


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Vinod on 18 Apr 2017
The demo adaptor contains all the source code to add support for any device you wish in Data Acquisition Toolbox. The source code for the demo adaptor is provided for this purpose. You can modify the C++ source code to do things like emulate certain devices or signals. Feel free to open up the source for daqadaptor.cpp & daqadaptor.hpp.

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Ben Suter
Ben Suter on 18 Apr 2017
Thank you for this info. I will try to understand the source code.
However, I am - currently - not trying to add support for a new device. Rather, I do not (yet) have a physical DAQ device available - it is in the mail - and was hoping to do some testing with a dummy/simulated interface.
I am able to create a session with the Demo adapter, but I don't know what type of data is generated, whether I can generate output myself, whether this will affect inputs, etc.

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