can I disable entire sections of code temporarily

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Can I disable entire sections of code temporarily?
I have a large code that contains different scenarios. I'm working on one scenario and I'd like to disable the other sections, just while I'm working on that bit so that I can run the code quickly without having to wait for it to do all the other stuff too.
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Kabilan Nedunchezian
Kabilan Nedunchezian il 2 Feb 2017
Use commenting in a smart way!
the following will not be executed in your code
x = ('this will not be executed')
to make it executable just remove the first curly bracket to make it executable
x = ('this will be executed')

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kfir il 28 Mar 2012
You can mark this whole part and Ctrl+R. you can also work in cell mode, and run only the cells you want.
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Mung Suan Pau DUHLIAN
Mung Suan Pau DUHLIAN il 8 Ago 2020
Modificato: Mung Suan Pau DUHLIAN il 12 Dic 2021
  • Select the code/s you want to temporarily disable ( or comment) and press (Command and / )
  • To undo the disable (or discomment ) select the code/s and press (Command and T)
  • Hope this is relevant:).

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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub il 28 Mar 2012
You can enclose code in an if block
if false
or even better (since you can include invalid syntax) would be to use block comments
The nice thing with block comments is that you can comment the comment
to reactivate the code. The only thing to be careful with is if you auto indent and/or autowrap the code in the block comment your line breaks can get screwed up.

Jason Ross
Jason Ross il 28 Mar 2012
Usually when I get to a place where the code has gotten this large, a little voice in my head starts screaming "PUT IT IN A FUNCTION" (or subroutine, or module, or whatever means the language I'm coding in has to compartmentalize a section of code). That way I can separate the overall program flow from the detailed bit of what each step of the program is doing. And then it becomes simple to control that flow with a comment or other conditional method.


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