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Change the Line width in imfreehand?

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Aravin il 26 Apr 2017
Risposto: Tim Jackman il 27 Set 2018
Dear all,
I am interested to increase the line width in imfreehand and also it should not be poly. To avoid poly I do this.
test = imfreehand('Closed',0);
which works fine. Now How can I increase the line width. I am using MATLAB 2015.

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KSSV il 26 Apr 2017
test = imfreehand('Closed',0);
pos = test.getPosition();
plot(pos(:,1),pos(:,2),'linewidth',5) ;

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Tim Jackman
Tim Jackman il 27 Set 2018
The new freehand ROI drawfreehand has a LineWidth property:
As an example:
h = drawfreehand('LineWidth',10);

Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 26 Apr 2017
I don't see anyway to control the linewidth "live" as you draw the shape. The only way to show a different thickness line is to plot it, after you're all done drawing, with the plot() function and specify the 'LineWidth' property as KSSV showed you.

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