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Matlab .m file from Simulink keeps running?

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saladin ghanem
saladin ghanem il 16 Giu 2017
Risposto: Swarooph il 22 Giu 2017
I uses an interpreted Matlab Function to execute a .m file. The problem is the Simulink model keeps running and running and the Matlab function starts and finishes again and again until some counter in the bottom of the Simulink model is being %100.
My question is, How to run my .m file for Only One Time? Thanks, Salah

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Swarooph il 22 Giu 2017
When do you want to run this MATLAB function? Only at the start once, when you load the model once, when you stop simulation once? etc. For all these, use the Model callbacks. You can access these by using the right click on model canvas > Model Properties > Callbacks tab as shown in the picture below.
Relevant documentation links below:


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