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Running the bat file

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on 26 Jun 2017
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I have bat file named data.bat with simple command "python". When i double click the bat file python is running successfully. But when i run the bat file from MATLAB using the commands below,
dos('C:\Users\W25VCSQ\Desktop\data.bat &') or system('data.bat')
I am getting the error "The command python is either false or not found"
How should i call the bat file or how should the bat file should be written?
Thanks a lot


on 26 Jun 2017
That has no string in common with any of the above...
We need to see a full session sequence in context and in its entirety directly cut 'n pasted from the command window as well as the content of the .bat file.
NB: File names with embedded blanks as in
C:\Program Files\...
must be surrounded with "
It looks like your case may not be and the first portion of the string is being interpreted as the /C option by CMD
I have attached the content of the batch file in txt format.
on 26 Jun 2017
OK, but not the full context from Matlab--only a bit at a time that we can't see the whole problem from.
Again, a piece of code with all variables in it defined executed and then the error message all in one complete piece.
Also, you can execute
system &
and then check what are the environment variables (particularly PATH) and whether
at that command prompt will run/be found or not. If not, you need to either use fully-qualified path to the executable or execute a PATH= command first in the .bat file to set the PATH as needed for the session.

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Answer by dpb
on 26 Jun 2017
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When the new process is spawned, it inherits default environment (PATH and other variables). If python isn't installed on that default path, it won't be found. Have the .bat file set any environment variables it needs or modify the startup environment to make that a global setting all sessions will inherit. The former is probably the more appropriate rather than modifying system.


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