What does plotStyle denotes in a structure logged from Scope?

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While using Simulink I am logging all my simulation results using Scope block. Logging tab in scope is configured to log data to workspace in form of "Structure With Time". After running the simulation inside of the structure that contains results of simulation, there is a signal structure which contains fields like values, dimensions, label, title and plotStyle. While I know the meaning first 4 fields, I can not find any documentation on what plotStyle stands for. In my experience some integer values are put inside, but I don't know how to use them. It looks like there is 0 when data should be shown using plot, and 1 when stairs function should be used but it is only my guess. I would be grateful if someone could tell me what contains the plotStyle field.

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Swarooph il 1 Ago 2017
Looks like it is used internally to convert between different types of logged data from the documentation page here. You don't really need to use it for something explicitly.

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