Issue with getframe and getimage commands while saving the image (image size mismatch).

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I have an issue while using getimage() command. I am trying to use a figure, first with imshow to initialize a color image (rgb from code) of size 1944x2592x3 pixels. After this, I want to overlay the bounding-boxes on the color image. I tried using getimage() to obtain the full-size image (1944x2592x3 pixels). It worked, but I am not getting the bounding-boxes overlaid image of full-size. Instead, I am getting a color image (rgb) of full-size.
If I use getframe(), I am getting the overlaid image but of smaller size. Anybody, please help me. I need the image(s) of the original size.
%% Matlab code used % Image overlay rgb = imoverlay(Igray, BW, [1 0 0]);
% Get bounding boxes coords st = regionprops(BW, 'BoundingBox' );
f = figure('Visible', 'off');
a = axes('Visible','off');
hold on
for k = 1 : length(st)
thisBB = st(k).BoundingBox;
rectangle('Position', [thisBB(1),thisBB(2),thisBB(3),thisBB(4)], EdgeColor','G','LineWidth',2 );
hold off
frame = getimage(f);
saving frame.cdata into a variable.

Accepted Answer

Jan on 6 Aug 2017
The problem is neither getframe not getimage, but rectangle: This function displays the rectangles on top of the image, but does not insert the pixel values into the image. If you take a screenshot afterwards by getframe, the rectangle are visible, but the resolution hast changed.
What you need is a tool to draw the rectangles into the RGB array directly. Then you do not need the indirection over the display in the figure. See and
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Preetham Manjunatha
Preetham Manjunatha on 6 Aug 2017
Thanks! It worked.
RGB = insertShape(rgb,'Rectangle',allBBoxCoords,'LineWidth',5,... 'Color','green');

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