How to convert sinewave(any signal) into 8bit binary in Simulink?

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Hi all, I am trying to convert a sinewave into binary data by using the Sine wave, Quantizer, limiter, convert blocks. but i am unable to visualise the 8 bits in output.(getting only 1 or 0 in display). Kindly help me in this regard. I want to get all samples data in binary format and then replacing or randomly changing into 0's to 1's.
Thanks in advance.

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Jon Lobo
Jon Lobo on 9 Aug 2017
Did you try converting to a uint8 data type? You will have to fix the scaling as it will be 0 to 255.
Ram on 17 Aug 2017
Edited: Ram on 17 Aug 2017
i placed SW,qunatizer,limiter, integer to bit conversion block and display block. Should i write any function code (dec2bin) or its enough to use integer to bit converter block?

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Eric Ogier
Eric Ogier on 31 Aug 2017
Sorry for the delayed response. What about an "Embedded MATLAB function" block calling this kind of code (1 input, 8 outputs) ?
function [b7,b6,b5,b4,b3,b2,b1,b0] = bitgetuint8(Signal)
B = boolean(bitget(uint8(Signal),8:-1:1,'uint8'));
b0 = B(1);
b1 = B(2);
b2 = B(3);
b3 = B(4);
b4 = B(5);
b5 = B(6);
b6 = B(7);
b7 = B(8);

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