Transient initialization, failed to converge. Clutch in planetary driveline.

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I am modeling a two speed transmission based on the simulink example 'sdl_transmission_2spd' See example
I am basically attaching a planetary gearbox to a simple gear and switch the planetary on/off with two dog clutches. To overcome the speed difference between input/output when shifting, I put a friction clutch between the planetary ring and its rotational reference. This will basically act as a synchro, in my example slowing the input down.
Now, if the clutch is designed to a level, where it would actually slip, I get the attached error.
Any suggestions appreciated!

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller il 9 Mag 2023
Your model is missing an inertia. In certain configurations, you are applying torque to a node with no inertia which leads to infinite acceleration.
Add an inertia here and everything runs fine.


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