xlswrite to specific cells

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Soren Hansen
Soren Hansen on 30 Aug 2017
Commented: Walter Roberson on 9 May 2018
I have 3 variables that I would like to write to excel. I want them written to specific cells, like variable 'a' goes to cell A1, variable 'b' goes to cell C3 and so on. I use this code:
filenametest = 'writetest';
xlswrite(filenametest, [a b c],'Sheet1',['A1' 'C3' 'B9'])
This does not work and I can't find any solutions on any help files.
Can you help?
Jan on 30 Aug 2017
Note that ['A1' 'C3' 'B9'] is the same as 'A1C3B9'. Whenever you write "does not work" in the forum, care for explaining, what happens instead: Do you get an error message or does the result differ from your expectations. Usually this explanation contains the main part of the solution already.

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Answers (3)

Jan on 30 Aug 2017
As Adam has suggested
xlswrite(filenametest, a, 'Sheet1', 'A1')
xlswrite(filenametest, b, 'Sheet1', 'C3')
xlswrite(filenametest, c, 'Sheet1', 'B9')

KL on 30 Aug 2017
If you put all the variables in one cell array, then maybe
varCell = {a,b,c};
xlCell = {'A1','B3','C7'};
cellfun(@(v,c) xlswrite(filenametest,v,1,c),varCell,xlCell)

deepika Sridhar
deepika Sridhar on 9 May 2018
what is c what is v
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 May 2018
In KL's answer, v and c are the dummy parameter names for the anonymous function. KL appears to have used v to stand for variable, and c to stand for cell reference.

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