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Usage of Sum of Elements blockset from Altera DSP builder advanced blockset

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highstreets on 19 Mar 2011
Answered: Eric Cigan on 31 Dec 2014
I'm trying to simulate a model with addition of 3 sine wave inputs using sum of elements block in Altera DSP builder advanced blockset, but the thing is I cannot configure the block to accept more than 1 input. Does anyone have experiences with this block?
I know the other alternative is to use back sum of elements block from Simulink, but I just wanna try it out and see if there's any differences from both blocks.
Please help. Many thanks.

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Eric Cigan
Eric Cigan on 31 Dec 2014
I recommend that you check with Altera on this question because they will have more direct experience with the capabilities and limitations of DSP Builder. We do offer an integration between HDL Coder and Altera DSP Builder -- you can read more about this here .

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