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Multiplication between 2 matrix

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Danilo Teran
Danilo Teran il 6 Nov 2017
Modificato: Danilo Teran il 6 Nov 2017
Hi, I need to multiply one matrix, which only number has A = [1 0; 2 3] with a matrix(array) with variables, which are not define yet, but they are numbers, which are not yet defined B = [a b; c d]
I need to get one general solution in order to change a,b,c,d values
Thanks in advance

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Mischa Kim
Mischa Kim il 6 Nov 2017
Modificato: Mischa Kim il 6 Nov 2017
Danilo, use the Symbolic Math Toolbox
syms B C a b c d
A = [1 0; 2 3];
B = [a b; c d];
C = A*B
C =
[ a, b]
[ 2*a + 3*c, 2*b + 3*d]
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Danilo Teran
Danilo Teran il 6 Nov 2017
Modificato: Danilo Teran il 6 Nov 2017
Hi Mischa,
I get it, but as you can see there ist not a mtrix there. In my example I need to do this syms S1 A1 S2 A2 K2 A B C Ss K12 TR AR BR CRT TER1 e BN AII BI CIT A=[-K12/A1 K12/A1 ; K12/A2 -(K12+K2)/A2] B=[S1/A1 0; 0 S2/A2] C=[1 0; 0 K2]
Ss=[B A*B]
STR=[0 1]*inv(Ss)
% TR1=inv([STR;STR*A])
TRE1=[C C*inv(A);STR STR*A]
BN=[0 1/CRT(2)]
BI=[0 CRT(2)]
CIT=[1 0]
My number values will be S1 S2 A1 A2 K12
But I am getting a problem
Error in Matrixconletras (line 9) STR=[0 1]*inv(Ss)

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Jan il 6 Nov 2017
Or perhaps:
C = [a, b; ...
2*a + 3*c, 2*b + 3*d];


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