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Array slice indexing?

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Nour Salhab
Nour Salhab il 13 Nov 2017
Risposto: Mohammed Hamaidi il 22 Mar 2022
please explain what the following function does :
if you could give me an example that would be great! thank you

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the cyclist
the cyclist il 13 Nov 2017
Modificato: the cyclist il 13 Nov 2017
It returns the ith row of a, in right-to-left order.
You might want to study Getting Started with MATLAB.

Mohammed Hamaidi
Mohammed Hamaidi il 22 Mar 2022
Take for example:
a=[1 2 3; 5 6 7; 8 9 12]
gives: the 2nd row in right to left order (the elements of the 2nd row from right to left)
ie: 7 6 5

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