MATLAB support package for arduino hardware

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Is it possible to create standalone application of Arduino board using MATLAB code ?

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Omkar Bhanap
Omkar Bhanap il 29 Gen 2018
Modificato: Omkar Bhanap il 29 Gen 2018
I'm getting problem while using interp1() function. It is not supporting code generation.Any alternative for this?

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro il 28 Gen 2018
It is not directly possible... but if you have a pre-existing MATLAB function or you're more comfortable with text-based programming, you can call MATLAB code in Simulink using a "MATLAB Function block.
So long as you use the subset of MATLAB language/functions supported for C code generation, you should be fine.
- Sebastian
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 28 Gen 2018
However, the calls such as writeDigitalPin do not appear to be supported for code generation, so you would need to use Arduino blocks to do the I/O to get this to work.

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