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Yu Chen

HDL Code Generation 2D-matrices

Asked by Yu Chen
on 30 Jan 2018
Latest activity Edited by Yu Chen
on 26 Feb 2018
I have a question to ask, my input is 4 images mixed 4x200000 matrix and a 4x4 matrix, to do matrix multiplication. It told me "HDL Code generation does not support 2D-matrices as function inputs." How can I change it?


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1 Answer

Answer by Tim McBrayer on 30 Jan 2018

The only current way to do this is by implementing your own matrix multiplication. You will need 200000 * 4 * 4 = 3200000 multiplications to compute this matrix product, so I would not suggest a fully parallel approach. You could use the HDL multiply-accumulate block or the dot product block to compute each output value, and implement selection logic to feed the single-pixel compute core the correct set of vector inputs from your data source.


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Yu Chen
on 23 Feb 2018
Sorry, I probably have this concept, but in this part should I change from code or do I have to call a converter out?
Is your code written in MATLAB, or are you using Simulink? If you are using Simulink then there are blocks you can call to serialize and deserialize; in particular there is the Vision HDL blocks .
Yu Chen
on 26 Feb 2018
My code is written in Matlab,can I not use blocks? Because I do not quite understand that teaching website, its block image is very vague.Currently I am having problems in this section, "set target interface".

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