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Can I use UIAxes to stream live video from a camera and how?

Asked by Huayan Wang on 6 Feb 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Ahmer Shahid on 13 Nov 2018
I am using R2017b App designer to develop an image acquisition program.
Anybody can tell me can I do it through the UIAxes component and how to do it? Or is there other way to make it happen with the App designer?
Thanks in advance!


Can you do what by an UIAxes? "Develop an image acquisition program" does not explain any details.
Hi Jan,
Thanks for the quick reply.
I want to stream live video from a camera through the UIAxes component.
I used to do it with command preview(vidobj, himage) I tried preview(vidobj, app.UIAxes) in the app designer. But it didn't work. I want to know how to make the UIAxes stream live video from my camera.
Thank you!

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1 Answer

Answer by Prajith Chilummula on 23 Feb 2018

Please checkout the code snippet and inform whether it works.
vidobj = videoinput('winvideo');
triggerconfig(vidobj, 'manual');
while(vidobj.FramesAcquired <= 200)
snapshot = getsnapshot(vidobj);
drawnow limitrate

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I use this code It runs very slowly not like a live streaming and also when I close the GUI the camera is still open. Kindly help me to resolve this problem Thanks.

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