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for loop with linspace

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Rob il 9 Feb 2018
Commentato: Sebastian Castro il 10 Feb 2018
Hi all, I'm trying to get the following for loop statement to work. I'm doing shear force calculations for different portions of a beam. I get this as error 'Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals'.
b =input('Enter the length of the beam ');
u =input('Enter the load (N/m) ');
R_side = u*b/3;
R_center = R_side;
d = 0.17 * b;
l = 0.33 *b;
x = linspace(0,b,100);
for i =length(x)
if i<= d
sh(i) = -u*x;
elseif x<= d+l
sh(i) = -u*x + R_side;
elseif x<= d+2*l
sh(i) = -u*x + R_side + R_center;
sh(i) = -u*x + R_center + 2*R_side;
xlabel(' Length of beam, [m]','FontSize',20);
ylabel(' Shear force, [N]','FontSize',20);
title('Shear Force Diagram','FontSize',20);
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 9 Feb 2018
Not what I get:
Enter the length of the beam 4
Enter the load (N/m) 5
Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch.
Error in test4 (line 21)
sh(i) = -u*x + R_center + 2*R_side;
What values did you enter?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 9 Feb 2018
Notice that
for i =length(x)
executes exactly once, with i = 100 (that is, the length of x)

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro il 9 Feb 2018
I see 2 things here
First, the for-loop should start from the first index and stop at the length of x. Right now, your code is saying that i is only one value ( length(x) ).
for i=1:length(x)
Secondly, just as you're assigning each individual element of the sh vector as sh(i), you want to do the same with x instead of trying to perform operations on the entire array. So, for example:
sh(i) = -u*x(i)
- Sebastian
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Rob il 10 Feb 2018
Okay so now that I followed your corrections I'm getting a blank plot/vectors must be the same length error. Is it because I should make a vector with the output of sh? How could I store every value of sh(i)
as in save_case = 0;
save_case = save_case + 1;
sh_output(save_case) = sh?
Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro il 10 Feb 2018
I think you need to remove the indexing from the plot, since you want the whole sh vector. The following command should do it:
- Sebastian

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