How to get transfer function from any simulink model ?

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let's say i build a model at Simulink then i want to get the Transfer Function of that model.
then i will put i step response to see the output the i will make a controller on the TF with SisoTool.
So how can i get the TF of a model.

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro il 16 Feb 2018
Simulink Control Design has a linearization functionality which will give you a state-space (or transfer function) representation of a model at the selected operating point and input/output signals.
Note also that you can start the Control System Designer (formerly known as SISOTOOL) directly from a Simulink model by selecting Analysis > Control Design > Control System Designer from the model's menu.
... in the same menu you will find the Linear Analysis Tool (for linearization), as well as other control design tools that may be useful depending on what you're doing.
- Sebastian

Green Elephant
Green Elephant il 18 Mag 2019
#sebastian, does the control system designer give us the non linear transfer function of just a linearized version of it around a certain point

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