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Is it possible to generate/update MATLAB toolbox project file (*.prj) programmatically?

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I have created a custom toolbox. Now I'm trying to have a continuous development process that would automatically package the toolbox every midnight (if any of the files have changed). I'm trying to understand if it would be possible to update the toolbox project file programmatically - to change toolbox version, project file list, excluded file list, etc. I can then use the updated prj file to package the new toolbox.

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski il 23 Feb 2018
I don't know of a documented way to generate the prj file the first time.
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Harley Day
Harley Day il 10 Set 2018
Modificato: Harley Day il 10 Set 2018
Yes I've been thinking the same thing. There doesn't seem to be a way to programatically update a matlab project file. This would be useful for the purposes of code maintenance from github. My continuous integration server could then be configured to build and distribute new releases of the toolbox when I commit to the master branch.

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Sunny Talekar
Sunny Talekar il 1 Mar 2019
Given that the toolbox project file is just an xml under the hood, I knocked up some functions to update relevant sections of the project file using built-in xml editing functionality. Serves the purpose but a built-in solution would be much appreciated.
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Sly Knight
Sly Knight il 14 Lug 2022
Use readstruct and writestruct.
project = readstruct(fullfile(path,project_name.prj),'FileType','xml');
project.configuration.param_version = project_file.configuration.param_version + 1;


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