Simulink Compare to Revision (GIT) only compares Binary

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Im using Matlab 2016a with a Simulink Projekt under source control (GIT, repo is on Bitbucket). When trying to compare a Simulink Model with a revision, only the binary is shown. If I open the comparision tool and choose "new" the only aviable comparison type is "Binary comparision". Obv. i would like to use the tool for a meaningful comparision of Simulink Models as it is depicted in the Documentation.
How to compare the versions of the Simulink models? The approach of the documentation or e.g. Mathworks Video doesnt work.

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TS on 16 Apr 2018
This is resolved by updating to 2018a without further changes

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Gavin Walker
Gavin Walker on 19 Apr 2018

To compare Simulink models prior to R2017b, you need the Simulink Report Generator. From R2017b, as you’ve discovered in the video, the Simulink model comparison and merge features ship as part of Simulink and so the comparison “just works” as you’d expect it to.


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