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running matlab on a server box

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Stephen Nagy
Stephen Nagy il 23 Mar 2018
Risposto: Jason Ross il 26 Mar 2018
I run matlab 2017a. statistics toolbox and parallel toolbox.
I got a great deal on a ProLiant DL580 gen 7 == 4 cpu's with 10 cores each and 256 gig ram. My first idea was to put VMware on it and make a virtual machine that my win 7 pro 64 could install on, but I got too stuck so I gave up and installed windows server 2012 sp2. It's clear that some functionality (direct matrix manipulation, for example) works beautifully with a 77 worker parpool. Other things work less well.
My question is whether there it's reasonable or possible to get windows 2012 server to run matlab WELL or should I revert to my virtual machine (I'd set it as 2 sockets with 20 cores per) and run off windows 7 pro?
I also can imagine that some settings in the server environment could be messing with me.

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross il 26 Mar 2018
FWIW, the two socket restriction was raised to four sockets for Windows 10 Professional. Microsoft's announcement is here.

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