Is there a spell checker option for MATLAB?

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Tom Salomon
Tom Salomon il 3 Apr 2018
Commentato: Daven Gooden il 11 Ago 2020
I recently started to work with python and PyCharm. As a long time MATLAB user I found it so useful PyCharm has an integrated spell-checker. Not only it make the code much nicer to read, it also helps to prevent coding errors due to misspelling of variables and functions. Do you know of an option like that for MATLAB?
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Daven Gooden
Daven Gooden il 11 Ago 2020
@Rian: I'm with you regarding a similar PyCharm spell check functionality integrated into Matlab's editor. Not sure why MathWorks® has not added this capability, as it is needed and would be greatly appreciated. Let's hope it is made available in a near future release.

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Manali Gupta
Manali Gupta il 4 Giu 2019
The below link can be referred.
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Rik il 4 Giu 2019
For the comment parts you can use a submission like this, but that isn't built-in either.

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