find the index of the mean and mode of a plot

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aneps il 5 Apr 2018
Risposto: dpb il 5 Apr 2018
I have a plot with X and Y values. I want to find the value of X at corresponding to the mean and mode of Y. Also, it would be good if I can make a plot with mean and mode indicated with vertical lines. How can I code it? Example data is attached.

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dpb il 5 Apr 2018
doc find
NB: there's nothing that says there will be a value in the Y vector that matches the value of the mean; likelihood is there won't be far more often than is--so what then?
As for the plot(), that's a pretty simple thing to do; how about making a stab at it and show us what you've done and where you got stuck, precisely, if there is a problem.


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