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Using Reference Model for HDL code Generation

Asked by Kamyar Khosravi on 10 Apr 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Kamyar Khosravi on 11 Apr 2018
Is there anyway to generate HDL code for a reference model . For example, let's say I have a subsystem that I would like to use across my design. There are currently two problems with repeating the same subsystem across the model. One is that the generated code outputs different Verilog files for each of the called subsystem. Second is that if I want to make a change to the subsystem, the change will not happen across the other subsystems. Is there a way to create a subsystem, that can be modified globally and at the same time generate only one Verilog file?
Many thanks, Kamyar


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Answer by Kiran Kintali on 10 Apr 2018
 Accepted Answer

Yes, you can use model reference block with HDLCoder to generate HDL code without creating duplicate copies.


Generate HDL from shipping example of an audio filter with left and right channels. It uses two atomic subsystems with identical content. HDLCoder recognizes this pattern and generates only one module and instantiates it twice.
Thank you for the feedback I managed to do it successfully.

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Answer by Tim McBrayer on 10 Apr 2018

Mark each instance of the subsystem as atomic. When marked atomic, it will generate only one output file for all instances.
Secondly, you can place your subsystem in a library. When you use a library block, each copy refers back to the original library block. Changing the library block will cause every instance to have the same change.

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Thank you for the feedback I managed to do it successfully. Creating a library is indeed very interesting feature. Thank you for the response

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