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sub2ind errors with matchFeatures

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Paul Safier
Paul Safier il 23 Apr 2018
Modificato: Paul Safier il 23 Apr 2018
Hello! I'm trying to start with the code for image registration given here, and convert it for my needs:
When I test the code with two identical matrices/images (i.e. no misalignment as a test) I get the errors:
Error using sub2ind (line 47)
The subscript vectors must all be of the same size.
Error in cvalgMatchFeatures>partialSort (line 301)
inds = sub2ind(size(x), 1:size(x, 1), indices(i, :));
Error in cvalgMatchFeatures>findMatchesNNRatio (line 215)
[values, col_indices] = partialSort(scores, 2, 'ascend');
Error in cvalgMatchFeatures>findMatches (line 135)
[index_pairs, match_metric] = findMatchesNNRatio(scores,...
Error in cvalgMatchFeatures (line 65)
[index_pairs, match_metric] = findMatches(scores, N1, N2, metric, ...
Error in matchFeatures (line 207)
[index_pairs_internal, match_metric_internal] = ...
My code is:
fixed = A;
distort = fixed;
ptsOriginal = detectSURFFeatures(fixed);
ptsDistorted = detectSURFFeatures(distort);
[featuresOriginal, validPtsOriginal] = extractFeatures(fixed, ptsOriginal);
[featuresDistorted, validPtsDistorted] = extractFeatures(distort, ptsDistorted);
indexPairs = matchFeatures(featuresOriginal, featuresDistorted);
matchedOriginal = validPtsOriginal(indexPairs(:,1));
matchedDistorted = validPtsDistorted(indexPairs(:,2));
tform, inlierDistorted, inlierOriginal] = estimateGeometricTransform(...
matchedDistorted, matchedOriginal, 'similarity');
outputView = imref2d(size(fixed));
recovered = imwarp(distort,tform,'OutputView',outputView);
The error comes at this step:
indexPairs = matchFeatures(featuresOriginal, featuresDistorted);
I've tried several other matrices to test alignment and some work and some give this same error. I printed out the size of the matrix arguments to the matchFeatures function and they are matched in size, every time. I have had several instances where this error occurs when trying to align an image to itself(!) as a test! Can anyone help?

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