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Obtain vehicleCostMap from drivingScenario

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redwan on 28 Apr 2018
Commented: FP24 on 23 Jul 2018
Is there any way to obtain vehicleCostmap object from drivingScenario object. I've added one ego Car and one barrier in my driving scenario. I would like to obtain a vehicleCostmap which only assumes that the only cost to drive is the barrier in the road. I'm using a straight road with no lanes. Without vehicleCostMap, plan, pathplannerRRT will not work, according to the document.
Please help me. Thanks in advance.


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Anand on 4 Jun 2018
There is no direct ability to do this. There are two ways to accomplish this however:
  1. Create a 2D matrix with the values in your map and create a vehicleCostmap object.
  2. Create a 'blank' vehicleCostmap object and populate it with the barriers using the setCosts function.
% Create a 2D matrix with the barricades.
C = 0.1*ones(100, 100);
C(30:35,50:90) = 0.8;
% Construct a vehicleCostmap object
costmap1 = vehicleCostmap(C);
% Plot created costmap
figure, plot(costmap1)
% Create a vehicleCostmap object 100m-by-100m
costmap2 = vehicleCostmap(100, 100, 'CellSize', 1);
% Mark a rectangular obstacle
[xx,yy] = meshgrid(50:90, 65:70);
xyPoints = [xx(:),yy(:)];
setCosts(costmap2, xyPoints, 0.8);
% Plot created costmap
figure, plot(costmap2)

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FP24 on 23 Jul 2018
I don't think this answers the question, in which I'm interested too

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