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Matlab JA builder, run Matlab code from Java application

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I have written an application in Matlab and compiled it into Java code using the JA builder. I'm really stuck from here as to how to integrate it into my application. How do I handle data type conversion, call the functions, etc.
The algorithm that I wrote in Matlab is for image processing, how can I pass a java buffered image to that function?

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Sebastian il 27 Gen 2011
The MATLAB Builder JA documentation contains a few examples on how generate a compoinent from MATLAB code as well as how to integrate it with a Java application. Does this help as a starter? Please see the "Sample Java Applications" section in the documentation:
The "Working with MATLAB Figure and Image Data" paragraph in the doc covers getting a buffered image in a component:

muhammad  aiman
muhammad aiman il 7 Nov 2015
hye sir. how to u open the builder ja in matlab?


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