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How do I edit a gTruth object if I mislabelled the label?

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I've been using groundTruthLabeler a LOT and I was wondering how I can edit Labels in the gTruth object that I'm creating from exporting the labels into a .mat file. It's created as read-only..

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Anand il 4 Giu 2018
Here is some pseudo-code to help anyone else who wants to do this.
% Load old groundTruth MAT file
load oldGTruth;
% Extract data from old ground truth.
dataSource = oldGTruth.DataSource;
labelDefs = oldGTruth.LabelDefinitions;
labelData = oldGTruth.LabelData;
% Replace oldName with newName
% oldName = 'Car'; newName = 'Sedan';
labelDefs.Name = strrep(labelDefs.Name, oldName, newName);
labelData.Properties.VariableNames = strrep(labelData.Properties.VariableNames, oldName, newName);
% Create new groundTruth object
newGTruth = groundTruth(dataSource, labelDefs, labelData);

Joseph Rivera
Joseph Rivera il 24 Mag 2018
I figured it out. So even though matlab says that the ground truth object gTruth that you export from groundTruthLabeler is read only, you can extract all of the contents i.e. gTruth.DataSource .LabelDefinitions and .LabelData and save them as variables of the same name in your workspace. Then, go into LabelDefinitions and LabelData and change the name of the label that you mislabeled i.e. sedan to hummer. Then you can use the groundTruth() function to put those three back into a ground truth object.




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