How to create a cluster profile without GUI ?

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I'm trying to run matlab codes on a HPC cluster with MATLAB Distributed Computing Server (Version 6.11 R2017b) installed using PBS Pro.
I can only submit non-interactive jobs, which can lunch matlab and execute codes automatically, so I created a PBS Pro cluster profile without validation (all properties are default) on my NB, with Parallel Computing Toolbox (Version 6.12 R2018a) installed only, then I uploaded the exported setting file, and added the importing command into codes.
this is an example I submit.
the .sh file submiting job:
#PBS -P TRI107382
#PBS -N 0
#PBS -l select=2:ncpus=2
#PBS -l walltime=00:30:00
#PBS -q ctest
/pkg/matlab/bin/matlab -nodisplay -r test
c = parcluster
c.ResourceTemplate='-l select=2:ncpus=2 -P TRI107382'; %I use two nodes with two cpu cores in each.
set(c, 'NumWorkers', 4);
j = createJob(c);
for i = 1:3
out = fetchOutputs(j)
function y=test_f(x)
Then, I got output messages and error messages as follows:
ans =
[Warning: The PBSPro cluster type is being used with a possibly incompatible
version of PBS. The use of job arrays has been disabled. The version of PBS
detected was: "".]
[> In parallel.cluster.PBSPro>iCheckPBSProVersion (line 114)
In parallel.cluster.PBSPro (line 63)
In parcluster (line 54)
In test (line 3)]
c =
PBSPro Cluster
Profile: PBSProProfile1
Modified: false
Host: srvc1
NumWorkers: Inf
NumThreads: 1
JobStorageLocation: /home/u7/gsblovedyt0
ClusterMatlabRoot: /pkg/matlab
OperatingSystem: unix
ResourceTemplate: -l select=^N^
RcpCommand: rcp
RshCommand: pbs_remsh
CommunicatingJobWrapper: unix
RequiresMathWorksHostedLicensing: false
Associated Jobs:
Number Pending: 3
Number Queued: 2
Number Running: 0
Number Finished: 4
ans =
Error using parallel.Job/fetchOutputs (line 1087)
Outputs can only be fetched if the job is in State 'finished'.
Error in test (line 16)
out = fetchOutputs(j)
I think the reason is that because of the difference of PBS Pro's version, the job array is disable, so the job is failed. Therefore I'm seeking a way of creating a PBS Pro cluster profile on the HPC with command-line interface so that the version may be correct. At the login node of HPC, for trial running, I can launch matlab in command-line mode, so I can interactively execute matlab commands, but I don't know how to generate cluster profiles in this way.

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross il 30 Mag 2018
Have you tried using the PBS Pro Support Package? You can get it through the Add Ons menu -- just search on "pbs". After you install it, there's a wizard that will help you build the profile. It will take care of connecting to the submit node and submitting the job.

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