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How can I create a multistep function with variable number of steps in simulink?

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I am running a simulation in simulink that requires me to change the value of a constant block during the simulation. If I have an array of of all of the values i want to use, how can I have it change from value to value based on the time of the simulation ? I have tried using the clock and floor function, this will return an integer that I can use to reference the element of the array . However, the index of the array in the constant block does not appear to be able to change. Can anyone help with this? See attached MATLAB code for a visual description of the problem.

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Nikhil Negi
Nikhil Negi il 31 Mag 2018
Hello Evan,
You can use a selector block to select different elements of a vector. I've modified your example you can see it and also read about selector block to modify it according to your needs.

Sviatoslav Klos
Sviatoslav Klos il 5 Dic 2018
I can suggest to use some manualization of running simulink.
You can create some kind of 'for' or 'while' cycle with command
% update constant block variable
This may solve your issue.
You may read more about commands here -

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